Geotechnical A geotechnical investigation or soil/foundation investigation is performed to determine the surface and subsurface conditions at the proposed site.  Recommendations are site specific and contain: site preparation, fill placement, grading, foundation alternatives, foundation performance, drainage, pavement thickness & construction. These geotechnical investigations start with drilling soil test borings using truck mounted drill rigs.  SE&T owns 5 truck mounted drill rigs and 2 minuteman/portable rigs for sites with tight access.  This leads to obtaining field soil and rock samples for testing. Geotechnical Engineering analyses can be performed on escarpment zones, earth dams, retaining structures, slope stability, seepage analysis and assessments of existing foundations. Sam Engineering & Testing, LP 1115 Luke St., Suite #100 | Irving, TX 75061 Phone: 972-790-1910  |  Email: